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Our Customized Packages


Consultation Package 





Ala Carte


The Senior Consulting Package includes a full assessment and analysis on all business operational functions and sectors. From this initial assessment, tools and resources are developed for our communities to follow and implement. The Consultation Package assists with all business needs and is an option for guidance and support, while allowing the flexibility of partnership. This package is helpful for communities who may be lost on ways to improve business functions and need policies and plans to get back on the right track. This package provides the tools and resources for a community to be successful and self-sufficient afterwards. This option is most expensive. 

Consultation Package 


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Interactive Package


The Interactive Package includes a full assessment and analysis on community operations PLUS interactive assistance and a higher frequency of involvement. This package formulates policies and procedures and is active in specific sectors of business to ensure quality performance. Our team structures a hands on approach with this package to assist with any business needs required while giving you the flexibility to orchestrate results. This package is helpful for communities who need half assistance activity, tools and resources and recommendations for successful outcomes. This option is the least expensive option. 

Dynamic Package

The Dynamic Package includes a full assessment, analysis, testing and hands on approach to business operational functions and sectors. This package includes tools, plans, policies, monitoring and control over selected features in our menu. The Dynamic Package puts together a tailored plan designed from the observations made by us on the areas that need support and plans of action for improvement. With this customized solutions plan, we create ways and ideas that formulate dynamic results in producing quality and efficiency at your community. This package is beneficial for communities that need moderate to major assistance in all business categories for a longer duration of time to achieve successful results. This is the middle expense package.


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Full consultation, policy review or implementation, analysis of business practice, and safety measures to ensure proper operational compliance.

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Full audit assistance on resident and employee charts, mock surveys, monthly day to day audits and compliance audits. 

Ala Carte Menu  


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Month or per-diem assistance with clinical implementation, policy review, nurse audits and more. 

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Full marketing analysis of your community and area, website analysis, google profile analysis, social media, b2b marketing, content creation and more! 


We have a sister company of highly trained and exceptional care providers that can assist with staff coverage and cultural impacts. 

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Everything you need to be successful with your business. Each al la carte can be tailored to what you specifically need and how much you need of it. 

For example, if you only need help with social media and updating your website, we can customize to fit your needs. 

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