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To offer customizable management plans to assist our clients towards success of premier care and services. 

Business Meeting

Our Story

 Premier Choice Senior Management Solutions started with the dream of helping communities by providing the assistance and support to be successful. After working in healthcare facilities from caregivers to administrators, we witnessed many failures and successes and wished, (at the time), that we had someone or something to help us through the good and the bad. We worked with management companies in the past that were used to larger facilities and couldn't relate to the smaller guys and really understand what we go through day-to-day. Through the frustrations of lacks of support and guidance, we decided that there needs to be someone that understands us and our needs and can help. That's where the idea of Premier Choice began. We recognized a legitimate need through personal experience and ran with it. We know we can help you and your community, because we have been there and have done that. Unlike other entities, we have that personal relatability, recognition of daily fires and operations, and ultimately, are in this field for the people we serve-our residents, our family. 

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